CGL’s premiere event, Transforming the Inner Landscape, was hosted in 2010 partnership with The Aspen Institute, and their Director of the Society of Fellows the late Patrick Kelly, and Director of Seminars, Todd Breyfogle.  We brought together three world-renowned transformational leaders:  Father Thomas Keating, co-founder of Contemplative Outreach and creator of Centering Prayer, Geshe Lobsang Tenzin Negi, lead researcher for His Holiness the Dalail Lama on the physiological benefits of mindfulness practices and religious studies teacher at Emory University, and Anandagiri, senior faculty member of One World Academy, helping individuals overcome patterns and conditioning to lead a happy, healthy life.  Tara Sheahan, founder of CGL, co-founders Casey Sheahan, then CEO of Patagonia and Luann Robinson Hull, therapist and author of Happily Ever After Right Now, hosted the first-of-its-kind event at the Institute, ushering in other conscious leadership programs.

In 2012, CGL partnered with Deepak Chopra and WellWorld to create The BE The Change Leadership Immersion, With Boulder-based partner, the late Peter Johnson, Managing Director of The Van Heyst Group, the leadership immersion was hosted at Boulder’s Highland City Club.  Our faculty included meditation and the brain/body connection expert and founder of the Pain Management Clinic in Denver, Dr. Mark Testa; Anandagiri of OWA; CGL co-founder Dr. Luann Robinson Hull; Greg Burdulis, former Buddhist monk-turned corporate and wellness coach, and wisdom keepers Lakota Marvin Swallow, and his wife Hiroko Swallow.

At the recent Aspen Leadership Forum in July, 2017, hosted by Tara/CGL, Laura Welch of the Lantz Welch Foundation, and Mike Ludgren, founder and curator of TedEx KC, 75 changemakers, innovators and inspired leaders were introduced to two of the most gifted global leadership wisdom leaders, Preetha and Krishna, founders of One World Academy.  They were joined by the ‘Business Buddha,’ former Cisco exec Ayelet Baron, author of ‘Our Journey to Corporate Sanity – Stories from the Frontiers of Transformational 21st Century Leadership. Their message?   We have the capacity to upgrade our operating system through self-awareness, daily practices and most importantly creating a vision for all aspects of our life.  And the corporate world is in need of this upgrade to keep up with the desires of the next generation to create and live in a sustainable, socially responsible and happy world.

From Silicon Valley to New York City, Tara and her CGL partners have helped executives, students, nurses, the privileged and underprivileged, and people in diverse cultures, with many different beliefs how to neurobiologically shift from fear and anger to love and inner calm.  In our workshops and conferences, leaders in the fields of health care, law, finance, technology, education, publishing, sports, entertainment, and more, come together to learn the “science” of happiness. And how a daily practice of awareness at home and in the workplace (meditation, yoga, tai chi, stress release work), is integral to extraordinary creativity, overall well-being and bottom-line success.