The what + how of CGL’s BreatheLab

BreatheLab is the neuro-science of breath. Through a series of workshops, participants learn to entrain natural nasal nose breathing which switches off the sympathetic/fight or flight circuitry and turns on the parasympathetic/calming nervous system. Benefits include the release of seratonin, associated with mood and physical health, and dopamine which improves memory, attention, sleep, behavior and cognition.

Following the workshops, proprietary BreatheLab audio tracks are used as a guide to re-group, re-focus or re-charge.


  • Gain an understanding of the neuroscience behind optimal breathing and their ability to ‘upgrade’ neuro-circuitry.
  • Learn how to integrate mindfulness training into the workplace.
  • Learn how to respond to challenging situations with a sense of composure, calm, and heightened creativity.
  • Learn to study the social structures of nature in order to understand how to live authentically.