Tara and Scott

About Tara

Visionary.  Meditation, Breathwork,  Intuitive Healer.  Mom.  Marketing Exec.  Indigenous Ambassador.  Elite Athlete.

Transformation for Tara came in the form of a tick bite.  Losing the ability to walk, think or function without pain, she searched for a way to cure herself when she contracted Lyme disease in her mid-30’s.   She discovered the path to true and lasting health by understanding the mind + body + spirit connection.  As a seeker on the scientific and spiritual wisdom path to wellness, Tara practiced inner listening using easy and intensive breath work, meditation and mindfulness to understand how thoughts influence health, and success.   She’s trained and is a fellow at premiere wisdom school One World Academy whose students include life coach icon Tony Robbins, and Ari Emmanuel, co-CEO of William Morris Endeavor.  And she has experience and is passionate about the Indigenous wisdom traditions.

What makes Tara stand out from the crowd is that she not only shares what she’s learned, she lives it.  She understands first hand the path of transformation to becoming a conscious 21st century leader from her own work and practice and is here to help others navigate their path.  She’s hosted events, immersions, workshops and forums on conscious leadership, most recently co-hosting the Aspen Leadership Forum with Laura Welch/the Welch Foundation, One World Academy founders Preetha and Krishna, Ayelet Baron, former Cisco VP and author of ‘Our Journey to Corporate Sanity,   Stories from the Frontiers of 21st Century Conscious Leadership,’  and Mike Lundgren, founder and curator of TedEX KC.


Tara’s taught meditation and conscious leadership most to teams at eBay thanks to Allison Wolff, founder of Vibrant Planet, to Dev Patnaik, author of ‘Wired To Care,’ and his org. JUMP Associate in partnership with Julie Meissner, CFO San Francisco Sentry private investments, and hosted CGL-sponsored events at the Aspen Institute, with partners Mariel Hemingway and renowned intuitive Peggy Rometo, and most recently Tara’s spoken at the Aspen Institute’s Ideasfest ‘Spotlight on Health,’ at the Watson Caring Science Institute’s World Caring Conference, and together with son Aidan did a TedEx Youth presentation called Breathelab.   Because sharing ‘happiness is an inside job’ every day, she speaks and teaches at elementary and high schools, non-profits, and to anyone who wants to upgrade their operating system from fear to love.

Tara is a Mindfulness and Breath Work expert and trainer; inspirational speaker; ambassador for Earth stewardship.  She is married to Scott Red Horse Barta, a DaNakota/Ho Chunk Indian from the Yankton Sioux Nation.  Together they teach Indigenous Wisdom and Wellness.  After a successful Stand With Standing Rock Music and Education Tour in November, 2016, they launched GrandMotherEarth.Us, a global water protector pledge campaign.  Tara partnered with Deepak Chopra and Dr. Rudy Tanzi’s to launch the global research study “Self Directed Biological Transformation.”  She is an environmental activist and co-founder of Frack Free Colorado and board member of The Aspen Brain Institute.  CGL supports and partners with DJ Sunfeather “Music for Peace and Youth Activism;”  Erica Ford’s NYC-based Life Camp youth leadership development;  the Watson Caring Science Institute;  Stacy Tucker’s Qualia Threads KC wellness company.  Tara lives with Scott in Carbondale, Colorado.  They love their kids Aidan, Caelin, Little Hawk, Kimimila, Inyan, Star, Sara, and Grandkids Mni, Avilyn, and Jacob.

Tara co-founded Conscious Global Leadership in 2010 with former husband and Patagonia CEO Casey Sheahan along with therapist and author of ‘Happily Ever Right Now’ Luann Robinson Hull, as a legacy to her two sons Caelin, 25 and Aidan, 23.


CGL’s mission and vision:  Igniting global social harmony by strengthening the character and consciousness of leaders across all fields.  Sharing best ‘inner practices’ and mentoring others for heart-centered living and leadership.

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