Do you sometimes lack the understanding of how or why you’re emotionally responding to situations?  And at what ages you might have gotten stuck in irrational fears and insecurity?  Do you ever notice you revert to feeling like a scared 4 year old, or an angry teenager when faced with uncertainty or loss of control?  I seemed to default to a helpless child and wallow too long in fear.

I had excellent tools for self awareness…Martha’s work has a unique way of quickly identifying ‘who’ is responding to the situation and how to have compassion, surrender, and wisdom to get them unstuck.  And in the end, to match our emotional age with our chronological age.  So the wise, heart-centered, intuitive, and unconditionally loving self can shine through.

Founder of the Amate Institute, and a globally renowned therapist, Martha’s helped over 3,000 clients grow up through her Amate Growth Work Method.  She’s practiced at Hazelden Foundation for addiction in Minnesota, and for private clients in Manhattan, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, and currently in Aspen, Colorado.

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