1. Place thumb on right nostril, ring finger on left nostril, two middle fingers on upper nose, between eyebrows.
  2. Gently press and close right nostril with thumb and inhale through just the left nostril 3 counts. Now block left nostril with ring finger, release thumb, and exhale through right nostril 6 counts. Inhale through right nostril 3 counts. Block with thumb, and exhale through left nostril. Alternate back and forth, inhaling through one nostril 3 counts, exhaling through the other 6 counts. Do this for 4 minutes.

Use each inhale, and exhale to lengthen the spine, open the rib cage and loosen the hips and shoulders. Imagine the low belly “puffing” outward, and upon exhale, bring belly toward the spine, expelling all the air.


  1. Sit comfortably in a chair with spine straight, shoulders relaxed, chest gently lifted. Bring index finger and thumb together and with palms facing upward, place hands gently on thighs, just above the kneecaps.
  2. Close eyes, and relax, letting the breath be natural and easy.
    Breath of Fire: Using diaphragm in an upward (inhale), downward (exhale) motion, breath vigorously in and out through the nose. This exercise builds “prana” by oxygenating the brain/body quickly. Exhale should be dynamic, as the naval is pulled into the spine, forcing the CO2 out of the body. Inhale fills the low belly with O2. Start with 12 firebreaths per chakra and eventually move toward 108 per chakra. Begin with the firebreath.

At 12, exhale completely, visualize the first chakra, and chant “lang.” Inhale, bring focus to the crown of the head, while visualizing the energy of the root chakra rising through the center of the body, then chant “Ogum satyam Om.” Bring the focus down to the root chakra, fill it with a golden, liquid, radiant light that floods the chakra and chant “kundalini ah rohanum.” Do this same exercise for each of the seven chakras. Smile!

First Energy Center – Base of Spine
Color — Red
Chant — Lang. Sounds like “long”
Second Energy Center —Reproductive organs/genital region
Color — Orange
Chant – Vang. Sounds like “vong”
Third Energy Center – Solar plexus, abdomen
Color — Yellow
Chant — Rang. Sounds like “rong”
Fourth Energy Center — Heart
Color — Green
Chant — Yang. Sounds like “young”
Fifth Energy Center – Focus on throat and lungs
Color — Blue
Chant — Hang. Sounds like “hong”
Sixth Energy Center – Focus on enter of the head/brain. (Pineal gland)
Color — Indigo (deep purple/blue)
Chant — Aum. Sounds like Ah-oh-um
Seventh Energy Center – Focus on Crown of head
Color — Violet
Chant — Ogum Satyam Om

Description of each energy center

  • First: Awakens life force energy, (“chi” or “prana”).
  • Second: Increases creativity, sensitivity and self-control.
  • Third: Awakens passion, physical power, health.
  • Fourth: Center of feeling, love and compassion.
  • Fifth: Evokes self expression, sacred speech.
  • Sixth: Increases memory, concentration, intuition.
  • Seventh: Awakens feelings of empathy, unity, joy.