Singing in the Rain with Sunny Chayes

Inspired by his Comanche roots, and life education to love and give back to Mother Earth, Russell Neese and an incredibly talented team have launched Native Soil.  This conscious company uses organic soil and enzymes to remediate oil and other toxic spills, and turn them into fertilizer.   Together with former Comanche Tribal Chairman Mike Burges, Russell is moving the operations from LA to Oklahoma to designate Native Soil as ‘native owned and operated,’ bringing much needed jobs and an economy to the reservation. CGL is a big supporter, and bringing mindfulness practices to Russell’s team, and other Native Soil channel partners.

Here’s a brilliant interview with Russell and Sunny Chayes from her radio show ‘Singin’ In the Rain.  And you can meet Russell at the upcoming Conscious Life Expo at the LAX Hilton February 19-21, where other featured speakers include Dr. Eben Alexander, author of ‘Proof of Heaven,’ Agape’s Ricky Byers Beckwith, Earth Guardian’s Xiuhtezcatl, and Anita Moorijani, author of ‘Dying To Be Me.’

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