There’s an absolutely fantastic leadership and life tool out there that will make you more curious, open to new ideas, intuitive and light-hearted.  It’s called Stillpoint.  And it’s from a remarkable woman named Lisa Arie, founder of Vista Caballo Innovation Ranch in Dove Creek, Colorado.  Lisa works with horses as the teachers for everything you want to know about yourself and how to thrive.  Stillpoint’s an extension of Lisa’s work.


Through a series of questions that can really work your ego if you have perfection issues…ahem, that would be me.  And it helps you root out the blind spots and weak links in your leadership style, helping activate your vision, have more fun in life, and nail what your life purpose is.  I love the Stillpoint graphics, and the playful nature of the questions and feedback.  It gives spot on reflections about your style of thinking, then gives you exercises to practice for 21 days to ‘upgrade.’  By now we all know it takes that long to change neuropathways which are simply unconscious habits and patterns.  With Stillpoint, I increased the trust in my intuition, spent more time doing ‘nothing’ so great ideas could drop in, and became a better inner listener.  It heightened my curiosity, and strengthened my willpower.  I could feel changes in my brain and neuro-circuitry.

Try Stillpoint, and you’ll discover parts of yourself you never knew existed!