JulieI met Julie Meissner at the 2013 Conscious Capitalism Summit last April.  We’d just returned from OWA’s ‘Freedom In Living’ course in India, and shared some of the remarkable teachings we’d learned at our ‘practicum’ about conscious leadership.  Inspired by what we shared, Julie signed up for the August seven day intensive.   What she experienced was life-changing.

‘Whatever you’re doing, just keep doing it,’ said her husband, days after she returned from the campus outside Chennai, India.   ‘I’ve never seen you this happy.’

Here’s a conversation I had with Julie where she shares what she learned, and how it’s affected all aspects of her life.  ’How have things shifted in your home life?’ I asked Julie.  ’We’re able to pay attention to the daily ‘wonderment’ of our lives,’ she said, feeling a deeper connection with her 3 year old daughter and husband.  ’There’s just been a shift you can’t necessarily put to words.  Our family time is more joyous.’

And as COO of a wealth management company, she feels empowered to bring mindfulness into the workplace.  ’People talk to me about meditation all the time.  I think finance needs it, business needs it.’

Enjoy the conversation and feel free to ask questions about Julie’s insights, and other OWA courses including Anandagiri’s ‘A New Beginning’ seminars happening in Murietta, CA outside Los Angeles Nov. 9-10, and Carbondale, Colorado Nov. 16-17.  For more information or to register go to owanorthamaerica.org.

Julie’s Journey:    http://www.audioacrobat.com/play/WdmdshhQ