“When President Obama convened his task force on gun violence in the wake of the Sandy Hook massacre, Queens’ Erica Ford had a reserved seat at the table. “We have to try to understand [the people on] both sides of the pistol,” she said.  That’s from Erica’s recent interview in the New York Daily News.

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Gun violence is something Erica remembers from a young age growing up in Queens.  And later in life, she realized it’s her calling to stop violence — from the inside out.  Together with the ‘grandfather of hip hop,’ Russell Simmons, and spiritual icon Deepak Chopra, Erica brings meditation, yoga, anger management, health and wellness programs to both kids and adults who have experienced trauma.  She is a bigger-than-life woman whose courage and passion is unmatched.  She is living her dream of sharing ‘peace as a lifestyle.   And if you’re looking for a way to give back, Erica welcomes anyone to visit Life Camp, and the amazing web of people who help her deliver happiness.