Jill-kissing-LOVEBy now, most of the world has seen Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor’s Ted Talk about her experience as a neuroanatomist who had a stroke.  Jill actually understood what was happening when the left side of her brain, the part that tells us we are separate from one another and all life, went ‘off-line.’  The right brain that knows no separation, and functions with the realization that we’re one beautiful human consciousness, stayed on-line and Jill had the most powerful experience of being ‘one’ with everything.    She saw the interconnectedness in all of life, and wrote a best selling book called  ‘My Stroke of Insight.’

Having traveled to Antarctica with Al Gore last year to better understand climate change, Jill gained a broader understanding of the environmental challenges we face.  She believes that our bodies and the earth are really one body, our health and the health of the earth are interdependent.

Jill’s latest Ted Talk is directed to the youth of the world.  She speaks about how we ‘think thoughts, feel emotions’ and based on those emotions we run ‘physiological responses.’   Jill makes it so easy to understand how our ‘stories’ drive how we act or react in the world.  And how we have ‘higher cortical thinking,’ that when engaged, can allow us to grab the joy stick and fly ourselves out of the over-active amygdala, and into circuitry that can solve problems instead of creating them over and over again.

I believe that those of you who are willing to create a conscious relationship with your brain – you will be the leaders  who will guide humanity back to our mental health, and you will be the game changers who will help bring our planet back to balance.’