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Animal Communication | Intuitive Healing

Tara’s Intuitive abilities allow her to connect to, understand, and facilitate healing for humans AND pets, including Dogs, Cats, Birds, Reptiles, as well as Horses, Cattle, Llama, Camels, and all living creatures. She can connect to deceased pets and bring clarity and closure. Tara also facilitates house and land cleansing/healing. She works with clients to activate their own intuition/communication abilities, and loves unleashing radiant health, and deep and meaningful relationships and reconnection-from-the-heart.

For Intuitive Healing with Tara scheduling and payment information, please click on the link below.

‘Tara  is a natural animal intuitive. She understands that to connect with all living things, unconditional love is the first ingredient. Tara hones and lives her skills to be of selfless service.”
Lisa Arie
Vista Caballo

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