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Raising Funds in Colorado!

Proceeds go to this historic “birthing of an Indigenous Nation,” and will be distributed directly to the Water Protectors for camp needs such as tipis, tipi poles, rocket stoves, firewood, sanitation, and food.  For more information contact Tara Sheahan, Founder, Conscious Global Leadership 303-709-6404.

The Standing Rock “Caravan of Love” with hundreds of people traveling together in support and solidarity leaves Boulder Nov. 22 to Standing Rock. Let us show the world how we support our Indigenous Red Nation, protecting Mni, Water, our life force and living in harmony with Grandmother Earth.

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Carbondale Concert

Join world class musicians Nakota Mato Nanji and the band Indigenous, singer/songwriter Dakota Leah Istatozi, award-winning Pow Wow dancer Lakota Inyan, Carbondale’s own DJ Sunfeathr, Aidan Sheahan, MC and host Tara Sheahan, founder of Conscious Global Leadership, Sundance singer, drummer and B.E.S.T. workshop facilitator Scott Barta and others!

Third Street Center
Carbondale CO
November 18th,  5-8pm

Please bring your PayPal receipt to the concert — it will serve as your entry ticket!

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Telluride Concert

Family event! Cultural awareness with indigenous singers, dancers and fundraising for water protectors and information on the installation of the Dakota access pipeline.

Silent Auction: Golden Crumb Cakes, Yoga, Art , Massage, Pedal Den, etc. Food and Drinks • Indigenous Dancer Inyan Eagle Elk Lead Singer Mato Nanji • Dakota Singer Dancer Songwriter Scott Red Horse Barta • Aidan Sheahan DJ Sunfeather • Telluride Band Niceness

Ahh Haa School Gallery
Telluride CO
November 16th,  5:30-8pm

Please bring your PayPal receipt to the concert — it will serve as your entry ticket!

Donation Levels

eTown Concert

Purchase tickets to our Boulder fundraiser with extraordinary singer/songwriter Georgia Middleman, Anne Harris, touring fiddle player for the Otis Taylor Band, Mato and Indigenous, Chloe Watkins and Intuit.

eTown Hall
1535 Spruce St, Boulder, CO
November 20

Purchase eTown tickets here.

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